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Nation Thuvia
Size Large town
Population 4,320
Ruler Guldis, Emir of Pashow

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 189

Pashow is the smallest of Thuvia's five allied city-states. It lies in the barren south of the country, in a location conveniently close to the Citadel of the Alchemist but lacking in natural resources. It is ruled by Emir Guldis, at least for the time being.

The city's inhabitants are known for their magical talents, and revere Nethys as their patron deity. They use magic to help compensate for the harshness of the local environment.[1]

As one of Thuvia's five city-states, once every five years it is the city's turn to sell six vials of the prized sun orchid elixir to foreign bidders. The city has taken to using teleportation magic to transport the elixir.[2]

In the past this has been avoided because the method is not completely reliable. In fact, the last two shipments have been lost due to apparent teleportation "accidents". This has damaged the young Emir's standing, and some would like to see him replaced as ruler—perhaps by Ziralia, daughter of the ambitious Prince Zinlo of Aspenthar.[3]


Pashow's heraldic colours are pale yellow, black, and maroon.[4]


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