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15,408 humans, 3,852 half-orcs, 2,568 dwarves, 1,284 kholo,2 2,568 other)3
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 186 (1E)
The Enmity Cycle, pg(s). 56 (2E)

Aspenthar is Thuvia's second largest city-state, and is the country's second port city on the Inner Sea after the capital, Merab. Generally seen as more dour in character than the capital, Aspenthar is under the rulership of the ambitious Prince Zinlo, who has decreed that martial training is mandatory for all citizens.4 Some worry that this training is in preparation for an invasion of one of the other city-states, or perhaps even an attempt to kidnap Artokus Kirran, the inventor of the sun orchid elixir.5


In the early 47th century AR, fortified Aspenthar was attacked by an infamous pirate, the Free Captain Cyrus Wolfe. He had terrorized the Garundi coast for years, but striking the city was his most outrageous act so far. In a daylight raid, he captured over 100 of Aspenthar's citizens to be sold as slaves, and left a dozen ships of the city's defensive fleet in flames. For this daring and audacious act, he was awarded the Hurricane Crown by his fellow Free Captains of the Shackles. Wolfe was later captured by a flotilla of ships commissioned as privateers by the queen of Aspenthar and the Pactmasters of Katapesh. He was sentenced to death for his crimes and hanged from a gibbet over the city's harbor.6

Competition for the sun orchid elixir

As one of Thuvia's five city-states, once every five years it is Aspenthar's turn to sell six vials of the prized sun orchid elixir to foreign bidders.7 Representatives of Aspenthar have been seen in negotiations with the wild chieftains of the deep desert known as the Water Lords, leading some to believe that he intends to rob a caravan carrying the sun orchid elixir from one of the other city-states.4


Aspenthar's heraldic colours are orange, blue, and black.8


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