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Colson Maldris

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Major Colson Maldris
Colson Maldris
Race/Species Human (Taldan)
Class Fighter 5 / Steel Falcon 5
Gender Male
Homeland Andoran
Organization Eagle Knights, Liberty's Edge

Source: Pathfinder Society Field Guide, pg(s). 14

Major Colson Maldris of the Andoren Eagle Knights is the most senior member of the organization permanently stationed in Absalom. His position near the Grand Lodge allows Colson an inordinate amount of influence over the Pathfinders within the organization, and he uses this to operate a number of clandestine missions as part of larger Pathfinder Society operations.

In 4712 AR, Michellia Blakros asked Colson to marry her, but he rejected her offer as it would require him to change his name and forfeit his rank. Due to his involvement with the Society, the Decemvirate was forced to invite the Blakros family to that year's Grand Convocation, taking place at the Grand Lodge, as a way to smooth over the frayed relations between the two organizations.[1]

In 4714 AR, Colson—disillusioned by deepening corruption within the Andoren government—left his homeland for a more permanent residence in Absalom in order to form Liberty's Edge, a watchdog organization dedicated to rooting out corruption across the Inner Sea region.[2]