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Mugget is the lower-class heart of Almas' meat industry and the easternmost neighborhood of the Tamuth District. It is filled with twisting lanes and rundown buildings, most of which house businesses that make their living from the killing or processing of animal carcasses. They range from offices and stockyards to butcher shops and tanneries, and the streets are often filled with the acrid smells of boiling lye and alkaline dust, not to mention the gore of slaughtered beasts that can make for an unsafe footing. Animal carcasses often hang on hooks from the eaves of the buildings, or are displayed behind yellow-stained windows. One of the few paved streets through the neighborhood is Blackrocks Thoroughfare, which runs all the way from the main stockyards in the southeastern corner of Mugget to just before the Iron and Hoof Gate in the west. On the way there, Blackrocks Thoroughfare crosses over Balmore's Canal, the fetid cesspool that acts as a drain for the entire neighborhood and serves to separate it from Smithtown.1