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Almas University

Scholars and tutors

Almas University is Andoran's premier educational institution, and is located in the North End district of Almas, just north of the Field of Concord. Even though it is technically open to any Andoren citizen, it accepts only a limited number of new students, which means that competition is fierce, despite the significant cost to attend. Felandriel Morgethai is the school's provost, and has held the position for over 100 years.1

Subjects of Study

Almas University's main fields of study are law, politics, modern philosophy, and zoology.1

Scholars of the University

Jalus Ebincott is Professor of Mwangi Studies, with a particular knowledge of the charau-ka.2 The school's provost, Felandriel Morgethai, is a very well respected scholar in her own right.1 Of lesser stature than the first two is Professor Chulo Varotien, a chatty don who loves to gossip.3 Professor Revik Nimbleweather is knowledgeable about underground creatures and leads a major, and so far unsuccessful, project to stem the population of bore worms.4


Almas University was once under the direct control of the Chelish House Leroung. Even though the university has distanced itself quite significantly from the noble house since the People's Revolt, members of the university still hold the Leroung family in high regard due to their many contributions to academia.5

In 4673 AR, Almas University sponsored a research expedition to explore the recently discovered Thassilonian ruin of Sech Nevali in the Hold of Belkzen. The team ran into competition from a similar group from the University of Korvosa, but were eventually able to reach a truce with them. Study of the ancient site has continued these last few decades, but only a small number of researchers now remain, led by the quirky Milithus of Cassomir. Recently, the heads of Almas University are beginning to worry, as they have not heard from the team in months.6


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