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Smithtown is a largely working-class district in the Tamuth District of Almas. It is bordered to the northwest by the dwarven neighborhood of Bellows, to the west and south by the city wall, and to the east by Balmore's Canal and the meat-processing neighborhood of Mugget. Smithtown is the heart of Almas' metalworking industry, and its small, narrow streets ring with the sound of smiths at their craft from early morning until well into the evening. Most of the smithies are employed making tools and craft goods for the local construction industry, for the shipbuilding industry in Augustana, or for farming. While business has been and continues to be good, there is much competition among the various smithies, and the wait time for new apprentices can stretch to several years. Most of Smithtown's industrial waste runs into Balmore's Canal, which has become so polluted that it has become an eyesore and public embarrassment for the city.1

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