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Golden Cathedral

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The Golden Cathedral is a former temple of Aroden located in the Liberty District of Andoran's capital city of Almas. Situated at the east end of the Field of Concord, this structure has been re-purposed as a library and repository of work dedicated to the concept of Common Rule.[1][2]


With its twin towers, the Golden Cathedral is the tallest building in Almas. The library within is open to Andoran's citizens 24 hours a day, and is decorated with the writings of the poets, philosophers, and politicians whose words serve as the foundation of Andoran's democratic ideals.[3]


In addition to serving as a library, the Golden Cathedral also acts as a meeting house wherein lectures and sermons are given espousing the tenets of Common Rule.[1][2]


Ritual salutation
During times of good weather, any day that the People's Council is scheduled to convene begins with a ritual salutation before the Golden Cathedral. This event is led by the Supreme Elect and members of Andoran's political parties.[1]