Golden Cathedral

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The Golden Cathedral is a former temple of Aroden located in the Liberty District of Andoran's capital city of Almas. Situated at the east end of the Field of Concord, this structure has been re-purposed as a library and repository of work dedicated to the concept of Common Rule.12


With its twin towers, the Golden Cathedral is the tallest building in Almas. The library within is open to Andoran's citizens 24 hours a day, and is decorated with the writings of the poets, philosophers, and politicians whose words serve as the foundation of Andoran's democratic ideals.3


In addition to serving as a library, the Golden Cathedral also acts as a meeting house wherein lectures and sermons are given espousing the tenets of Common Rule.12


Ritual salutation
During times of good weather, any day that the People's Council is scheduled to convene begins with a ritual salutation before the Golden Cathedral. This event is led by the Supreme Elect and members of Andoran's political parties.1


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