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An owl familiar perches on a wizard's shoulder.
Type Animal
CR 1/3
Environment Temperate forests
Adjective Owl-like, owlish, owly
Images of owls

Source: Reign of Winter Player's Guide, pg(s). 11
Giant owl
Type Magical beast
CR 5
Environment Temperate forest

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 213

Owls are quiet nocturnal flyers who hunt rodents. They are common familiars for spellcasters.[1]

Common variants

Snowy owls are common familiars in cold climates. Their white feathers help it blend into snowy environments, allowing it to hunt more stealthily.[2]

Giant owls

The giant owl is up to 18 feet tall with a wingspan of 30 feet. They weigh up to 600 pounds. These intelligent beasts are keen observers of their forest,[3] and are willing to take on a rider, if that person shares the ideals of defending the forest.[4] The giant owls of the Fierani Forest reside in the House of Sky and are allied with the elves of Kyonin to hunt their mutual enemy: Treerazer and his demons.[5]

In religion

The archon empyreal lord Tanagaar's true form is that of a giant owl and his holy symbol is a shadowed golden owl's eye. The Aurulent Eye watches in the darkness for signs of evil, symbolically just as an owl hunts in the night. He almost always travels with a retinue of local owls.[6]


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