House of Sky

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House of Sky

Council of giant owls
Source: A Memory of Darkness, pg(s). 52-53

The House of Sky1 is an aerie high in the Five Kings Range that is the home of the giant owls of the Fierani Forest. These intelligent creatures have been allied with the elves of Kyonin for millennia, but are quite mistrustful of any other humanoid who makes the dangerous trek to their home. They hate Treerazer and his demonic minions, and can be summoned by the rulers of Kyonin in times of need via enchanted whistles. They are led by Winglord Kreiagh, who oversees a council of owls who frequently disagree with one another, but whose every word is taken to heart. Travel to the House of Sky is quite dangerous on foot, and is most easily accomplished by flight.2


  1. Note that the building and the organization both carry the same name.
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