Pleroma (aeon)

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This article covers the type of aeon. For the Abyssal realm of the demon lord Abraxas, see Pleroma.

Pleromas are among the most powerful of the aeons, who bear the charge of the duality between creation and destruction.23


A pleroma is a vaguely humanoid figure clad in a shadowy cloak. Swirling colours and spheres constantly shift within the folds of the cloak, as if it encompassed all the night sky. One who gazes upon a pleroma could spend days studying the changes of its form, which most resemble the shifting of celestial bodies sped up to a pace to form a strange dance. Hovering above its hands are two spheres: a white sphere of creation on its left hand and a black sphere of oblivion on its right hand. When thrown as weapons, the former leaves behind new matter and the latter an empty void, and both can absorb and destroy matter that come into contact with them.23


Pleromas view the creation and oblivion as two parts of a cycle that everything in existence must explore. Pleromas guide this progression, ensuring everything remains balanced: whatever is created can be destroyed and nothing becomes so static that these processes slow to a halt. Pleromas understand that eternity is cyclical and infinity is something that repeats itself. Therefore, these two states can be changed, if only slightly. Pleromas maintain such changes are necessary to keep the cosmos from becoming static and unbalanced, which they refer to as apocalypse.23


Among aeons, pleromas possess the strongest connection to the Monad and describe it as the sentience of the multiverse, from which all things are created through the recycling of everything that ever existed. They strive to carry out the will of the Monad exactly.23

Pleromas typically travel alone. Their appearance almost always heralds a dramatic change. They are entirely focused upon restoring the balance between creation and oblivion, and pay no heed to other creatures and conflicts except if doing so would help their task or if someone else interferes with them.2

According to occult theories, pleromas are informed through the Monad of all the information inscribed by lipikas into the Akashic Record. Those who subscribe to more traditional theories of the multiverse see the connection as more direct: if a lipika cannot accomplish its goals, it calls in a pleroma.4


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