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Theletoses are aeons that protect the duality between freedom and fate.2


A theletos has a crystalline body with four flexible limbs, each splitting at the elbow into two three-fingered forearms. It is five feet tall and weighs 100 pounds.2


The theletos' crystalline limbs drain a creature's sense of fate and destiny. Its central body can release a cone of energy that overwhelms victims with the knowledge of various fates that destiny has in store for them, confusing them as there is no way to make sense of these myriad dooms and boons.2


Theletoses take the same stance towards true freedom and slavery: without one, the other cannot exist. Where slavery is rife, a theletos might aid in freeing some slaves, while where it has been abolished, it works to mind control creatures and often encourage them to further undertake acts of slavery themselves. It is also a guardian of fate and prophecy: it might allow glimpses of futures to some creatures and deny them to others. The theletos cannot explain why, and knows only that some prophets should be unsuccessful.2


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