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Type Outsider
(aeon, extraplanar)
CR 12
Environment Any (Outer Sphere, Astral Plane[1])

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 9

Akhanas are aeons that bear charge over the duality of birth and death.[2]


An akhana's torso is a swirling mass resembling a giant eye, which seems vaporous but is solid and slimy to the touch. It has four grey arms and a fifth tail-like appendage.[2]


An akhana can use its tail to siphon life essence from and trap the souls of foes. The victim's body remains preserved as long as the soul is held by the akhana. It can keep the soul indefinitely, but can only hold one at a time.[2]


Akhanas perceive that living things are crucial to maintaining cosmic balance and possess ability to create terrible consequences if left untended. In the latter case, life must give way to death.[2]

Akhanas wander the multiverse, constantly on the hunt for imbalances in life. How they judge these imbalances is not well-understood, and other aeons are singularly unmotivated to justify akhanas' decisions when inquired about them. As a result, the focus of akhanas' attacks and attentions usually seems random to most creatures.[2]


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