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Type Outsider
(aeon, extraplanar)
CR 4
Environment Any (Outer Sphere, Astral Plane[1])

Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 3

Synesis aeons correct the balance between mortals' mastery of the Great Beyond via magic and technology, and their instinctive urges that threaten to destroy the fabric of the multiverse. Synesis aeons help certain gifted mortals control primal urges that might otherwise have a deleterious effects on creation: they might serve as muses to help thinkers achieve their discoveries, or destroy those whose hypotheses are dangerous to the balance. They are particularly drawn to psychic spellcasters, and help them ward off planar entropy.[2]


A synesis is a hourglass-shaped creature made of stellar dust, with two three-fingered arms protruding from each end.[2]


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