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Temperate forests
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 113

The raccoon, sometimes spelled racoon, is a small, nocturnal omnivore with distinctive mask-like markings on its face. They prefer to live near lakes and rivers, and sometimes exhibit humanoid mannerisms, such as washing their food in water.1 They are the sacred animals of Thamir Gixx.2

Raccoons sometimes become the familiar of a spellcaster. Those who share such a bond with a raccoon also have particularly nimble fingers, especially when it comes to theft—both traits of raccoons.134

On Golarion

Goblins call raccoons "grabby-cats" and are sometimes at odds with them.

Raccoons can live in most temperate areas. They are reportedly common in Numeria;5 the Sandpoint Hinterlands, where local goblins refer to them as "grabby-cats";6 and in the Mushfens, where hunters trap them for pelts.7

Tanuki art.

The tanuki of Minkai strongly resemble bipedal raccoons.8 Also of Tian Xia, the creatures composed of living electricity known as raiju sometimes take the form of a raccoon during quiet weather.9

In the Great Beyond

Procyals, a type of agathion, have a humanoid-like form with the head of a raccoon.10


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