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Type Animal
CR 1/2
Environment Temperate forests
Images of raccoons

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 113

The raccoon, sometimes spelled racoon, is a small, nocturnal omnivore with distinctive mask-like markings on its face. They prefer to live near lakes and rivers, and sometimes exhibit humanoid mannerisms, such as washing their food in water.[1] They are the sacred animals of Thamir Gixx.[2]

Raccoons sometimes become the familiar of a spellcaster. Those who share such a bond with a raccoon also have particularly nimble fingers, especially when it comes to theft—both traits of raccoons.[1][3][4]

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On Golarion

Goblins call raccoons "grabby-cats" and are sometimes at odds with them.

Raccoons can live in most temperate areas. They are reportedly common in Numeria;[5] the Sandpoint Hinterlands, where local goblins refer to them as "grabby-cats";[6] and in the Mushfens, where hunters trap them for pelts.[7]

The tanuki of Minkai strongly resemble bipedal raccoons.[8] Also of Tian Xia, the creatures composed of living electricity known as raiju sometimes take the form of a raccoon during quiet weather.[9]

In the Great Beyond

Procyals, a type of agathion, have a humanoid-like form with the head of a raccoon.[10]


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