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From PathfinderWiki
Type Animal
CR 1/6
Adjective Corvine, razorcrow-like

Source: Animal Archive, pg(s). 16

A large, greasy, black bird, the razorcrow is one and a half times the size of a normal crow. Unlike normal crows, the razorcrow has a jagged, curved beak that gives this bird its name. Razorcrows use their beaks to cut through thick hides and get to meat that their normal cousins couldn't pillage. They tend to be flock feeders, and are known to defend a freshly killed carcass against larger animals. These crows almost always feast on carrion, only allowing starvation to push them into hunting live prey. Razorcrows almost never have to do that, however, as they tend to flock to battlefields to feed on the slain.[1] They are most commonly found in southwestern Avistan, especially in the Menador Mountains.[2]

The flight feathers of these birds are stronger than most, making them prized by the fletchers in Cheliax and Isger,[1] while shepherds and those who raise cattle see the appearance of a murder of razorcrows as a bad omen presaging famine or a disease.[2]