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Jay Thompson

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Jay Thompson

Seattle, WA

Jay Thompson is a Seattle native going to school in St. Louis. He is incredibly active in the literary community, both as a writer and editor. He has poems, interviews, and essays in (or forthcoming in) The Laurel Review, Cranky, Mare Nostrum, La Fovea, LitRag, and Poetry International and previously wrote a weekly column on poetics and literature at the Kenyon Review's blog.1 Jay also plays in a band called the Shitty Friends.2 Jay was one of only four authors to contribute more than a single chapter to The Compass Stone, the serialized novella in Pathfinder Adventure Path from 2007 through 2008.

Pathfinder credits

Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Fear in a Handful of Rust"Fear in a Handful of Rust" 0808 August 2008 Shadow in the Sky, 72. The Compass Stone #13
City of Serpents"City of Serpents" 0811 November 2008 Endless Night, 72. The Compass Stone #16
Running for Cover"Running for Cover" 1007 July 2010 Sound of a Thousand Screams, 72. Prodigal Sons #6
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