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A storm roc.
Type Animal
CR 9
Environment Warm mountains
Images of rocs

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 236

A roc is an enormous raptor dwarfing most humanoids.[1]


Rocs appear like colossal birds of prey, with a body thirty feet long and a wingspan of over 80 feet; they often dwarf even dragons. Rocs have long, clawed talons and sharp hooked beaks ideal for tearing flesh. They come in a variety of colours including brown, red, black and white.[1]

Habitat and ecology

While rocs are equally at home hunting over sea or land, they normally live only in mountainous areas, ideally making their nest upon a crag inaccessible to ground dwellers. These nests are normally made of large trees, rocks, and even chunks of masonry.[1] Rocs are known to dwell amongst the Wyvern Mountains,[2] Kodar Mountains,[3] the Fog Peaks[4] of Avistan, and even on the barren island of Three Hags Rock in the Ironbound Archipelago.[5] They hunt on the Nesmian Plains of southern Nirmathas.[6] Rocs only mate once a decade and are highly anti-social otherwise, often even attacking other rocs that venture into their hunting ground. After mating, the female lays a clutch of three to five eggs; the parents then alternate hunting patterns, with one parent always remaining close to the nest. When hunting, rocs normally grab their prey, snatching them skyward before dropping them from a great height and feasting on what remains.[1]

Despite their vast size, rocs are still just animals and can be trained like any other animal; roc eggs can fetch over 4,000 gold pieces at market. Of course, their vast size makes training rocs incredibly challenging for most human-sized trainers, however, giants face no such problems. Both cloud and storm giants are renowned for keeping rocs as pets and sometimes even using them as flying mounts.[1]