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Roots and Remedies

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Roots and Remedies can be found in the town of Falcon's Hollow, a short distance north of the settlement's Low Market. The shop is owned and operated by the local healer Laurel Gebre, who receives much business from the citizens of the community as they trust her and her remedies more than those of the cleric Cirthana Gensar.[1][2]


A weathered sign identifies Roots and Remedies as a run-down two-story building in central Falcon's Hollow. Its exterior is covered in vines and growing herbs, and the interior of the shop boasts a collection of dried cuttings and samples of a wide range of plants. Various alchemical devices and ingredients populate the shelves and work spaces within.[1]


Roots and Remedies is seen by many in the community as a general apothecary, and Laurel as a healer the people recognize and respect. The shop owner does her best to provide assistance to those who come to her, and though she lacks the ability, training, and funds needed to properly treat most of their ailments, few customers leave empty-handed.[1]

Notable Individuals

Laurel Gebre
The owner of Roots and Remedies is a proud woman who does what she can to help customers that seek her aid. However, she also possesses a shrewd mind for business, and has little hesitation in recommending expensive treatments.[1]