Vamros Harg

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Vamros Harg

Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 15

Magistrate Vamros Harg is the corrupt and cowardly magistrate of Falcon's Hollow. He chafes under the thumb of Thuldrin Kreed (local leader of the Lumber Consortium). When he can hide his actions from Kreed, he tries to be fair.1 If he were ever to get enough support from the residents, he might cross Kreed and start to deliver true justice.2

Prior to relocating to Falcon's Hollow, Harg was a failed barrister in Carpenden. This young, attractive halfling prefers same-gender relationships and is fond of finery.1

Vamros has a stormy romantic relationship with one of Sheriff Baleson's deputies, the handsome Tabrik Splint. Splint is fearless and speaks openly about Kreed's corruption and the need for a change in the leadership of Falcon's Hollow. Harg desperately tries to protect his lover from Kreed's wrath.2


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