Kabran Bloodeye

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Kabran Bloodeye

Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 21

Kabran Bloodeye is a stout dromaar with blood-red eyes living in the town of Falcon's Hollow in Andoran. Aside from his eyes, Kabran's most characteristic feature is his missing nose, cut from his face long ago in Augustana, in punishment for his criminal activity there. He wears a bronze nose-piece over the ugly crater on his face which whistles as he sucks air though it, and dribbles blood and mucus that he wipes away with a crimson handkerchief. Kabran is the master of the Redrock Guild, a criminal syndicate in Falcon's Hollow, paying Thuldrin Kreed a percentage of its take. He is also the owner of the Rouge Lady, a gambling hall which doubles as an illicit brothel.12


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