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The Woodwil is the workshop of the artist Deveera Gadsel in the town of Falcon's Hollow in Andoran. The workshop serves also as a gathering place for a number of semi-artistic locals in town.

Ayda Vorshin, a half-orc, of the High Market sees the growing popularity of Deveera's crafts as cutting into the profits of her own import business. She has attempted to frighten Deveera into restricting her business to Low Market. The half-orc and her men have broken into Woodwil, smashing goods and injuring artisans. Deveera is trying to organize a guild to provide mutual protection from Vorshin. Thus far, Thuldrin Kreed has not intervened but he promises to crush both sides if they pose a threat to public order. Meanwhile, the Lumber Consortium is paid a share of Deveera's profits as an "administrative fee".1