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Sitting Duck

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The Sitting Duck is a tavern in the town of Falcon's Hollow in Andoran. The tavern is popular among adventurers, explorers, and everyone looking for excitement. It is famous for a potent brew of fermented darkwood leaf that could floor an ogre in a few tankards, and the raucous games that rage late at night. These dangerous games are known as the "knivesies" and "lefty-loosy". The tavern stands close to the town's palisade and sometimes attracts the attention of predators outside the palisade but the clientèle is well armed and such events only fuel the night's revelry.[1]

The tavern was built by a retired adventurer named Larden Kried but it was taken over by the brawny thug Ergin Tock when its original owner disappeared. Tock produced a dubious deed to the Duck which most claim was forged but the deed was certified as genuine by Vamros Harg. Tock was formerly a hired muscle of Thuldrin Kreed, so the townsfolk understood that Thuldrin simply decided to put the Sitting Duck under his direct control.[1]

Kreed likes to keep close tabs on any adventurers or mercenaries passing through Falcon's Hollow. Tock and the lovely barmaid Jalene Artem, report to Kreed every morning on the past night's events at the Duck. Jalene is actually one of Kreed's most trusted agents, skilled in slitting throats and at prying secrets from the customers.[1]