Rouge Lady

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'The Rouge Lady is a gambling hall in the town of Falcon's Hollow in Andoran. The silk-veiled rooms in the back of the building double as a brothel. The Rouge Lady's owner, Kabran Bloodeye, is the leader of the Redrock Guild, a criminal organization that controls the town's underground activities for Thuldrin Kreed. Kabran's best prostitutes work at the Rouge Lady. His current favorite is Ralla Hebbradan who is ever in demand by wealthy patrons. The gambling hall offers several games of chance, such as "huckle-chuck", "Rouge Lady-Grim Lady", and "Spin the Saw". The basement of the Rouge Lady serves as a torture chamber where Kabran interrogates anyone that Thuldrin suspects of crossing the Lumber Consortium.1 Kabran enjoys flaying his enemies alive beneath the gambling hall and their screams add to the Lady's dark atmosphere.2


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