Kreed Manor

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The home of Thuldrin Kreed is more of a residential fortress than a mansion—10-foot-high darkwood walls surround Kreed Manor, protected by some of the hardiest rogues in the Redrock Guild and guarded by the most vigilant sell-swords that the Lumber Consortium can purchase, making the manor nearly impenetrable. Rioters from the city have attempted to burn the Kreed family out, prompting the Kreeds to add four additional towers within the mansion's walls. When harpies began attacking the upper floors of their home on moonless nights, the Kreeds placed an always-present group of guards with crossbows on the roof, and in response to an intruder who changed shape and walked through the front gates, they also instigated the rigorous use of passwords. The Kreeds' survival of Darkmoon Vale's terrors for over a century is no accident.1