High Market

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For another meaning of "High Market", please see High Market (Canorate).

The High Market of Falcon's Hollow offers quality goods, most of them imported but also some rare, local, quality goods. The influential residents of the town shop the various stalls of the High Market for silk clothing, shoes, spices, and jewelry, but also fresh meat and vegetables. The ex-mercenary Ayda Vorshin runs weekly caravans to and from Olfden stocking the market with all kind of expensive goods. Local artists such as Deveera Gadsel offer their wares among the imports. Boss Teedum's loyal thugs restrict access to the market, admitting only those Thuldrin Kreed favors. One of Kreed's men, the middle-aged Kilarin Salk, personally inspects all groceries sold in the market. Kilarin is a failed farmer and notoriously corrupt. Farmers in the region know that a hefty bribe is required to pass her inspection. Any insult to her pride results in a lifetime ban from selling goods in Falcon's Hollow.1