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Titles Queen of Darkmoon
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Green hag
Class Witch 12
Gender Female
Homeland Darkmoon Wood, Andoran

Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 22

The green hag Ulizmila arrived in Darkmoon Wood in 4609 AR.[1]

The bone-hard folk of Falcon's Hollow weathered the Harpy-Hag Massacre of 4603 AR, finally ending the conflict by marrying a Larko son off to one of Ulizmila's many daughters.[2]

It is said that Ulizmila, is a daughter of Baba Yaga. Ulizmila's Cottage is located deep in the Darkmoon Wood but none dares look for her cottage. Rumor has it that Ulizmila could kill with a word, turn a man into a goat, and shoot lightning from her eyes.[3] Although her ugly cottage still lingers in a clearing in the forest, Ulizmila is long since gone. She left Darkmoon Vale several decades ago.[4]