Heidmarch Manor

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Home of the noted Pathfinders Canayven Heidmarch and Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch, Heidmarch Manor is the first Pathfinder lodge in all Varisia, serving as the Pathfinder Society's base of operations into the rest of Varisia. Heidmarch Manor is located in Magnimar, the so-called "City of Monuments", within the prosperous Alabaster District of the city's wealthy Summit area. The manor lies just north of the Triodea in the neighboring Naos District.1 The manor contains all the usual amenities of a Pathfinder lodge—including some with a Varisian twist.

As the lodge is also the residence of Canayven and Sheila Heidmarch, it contains their personal residence decorated with mementos of their earlier adventures, ranging from Taldan suits of armor to the stuffed remains of fearsome monsters. The lodge has individual cottages for visiting Pathfinders, known as the Thassilonian Houses, each named after one of the ancient Thassilonian realms that once ruled over the land: Eurythnia House, Bakrakhan House, Shalast House, and Haruka House.2 The actual lodge is known as the Meeting House and features a meeting room, a lecture hall, a library with a large collection of Pathfinder Chronicles and essays on Varisian history, and a showroom lined with ancient Thassilonian artifacts.3 Currently, along with the owners, the lodge serves as the home for two other Pathfinders: Almya Gorangal and Joadric Heimurl, both of whom are planning expeditions into different areas in central Varisia.

Sheila and Canayven would fund any mission that Pathfinders were sent out to Heidmarch Manor to do, however, after recent discoveries in Varisia, the Decemvirate has funded all endeavors in the region.4


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