Crying Leaf

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Crying Leaf

Small town
98% elf, 2% aiuvarin
Conventional (ruling noble)
Source: The Armageddon Echo, pg(s). 12

Crying Leaf is an isolated elven village in Varisia's Mierani Forest. It is a day's travel from the ruins of the former elf city of Celwynvian, where the elves are engaged in a bitter struggle with the drow. As a result, it is used by the elves as a staging ground for their warriors, including contingents of Lantern Bearers, and is not entirely safe from drow raids.

The village consists mainly of simple, low stone and wooden structures, decorated with graceful carvings. It is protected by a wall of thorns. Most of the village's trade and supplies arrive from Kyonin through the use of magic – there is little contact with Riddleport and the rest of neighbouring Varisia. Non-elven visitors are rare.

The leader of the village is the sorcerer Eviana Nirgassan, who was appointed by Kyonin a decade ago following the assassination of her predecessor by the drow.1


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