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The Faceless God
Land of Black Blood (originally);
Sightless Sea (unconfirmed)
Areas of Concern
Subterranean waterways
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Chaos, Earth, Evil, Water
Subdomains (1E)
Caves, Entropy, Fear, Ice, Metal, Oceans1
Favored Weapon
Open maw surrounding rune
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
Black, blue
Source: Descent into Midnight, pg(s). 85

The Great Old One Orgesh2 is arguably the best known among the inscrutable and obscure deities of the charda, who view it as an endlessly hungry being that requires constant sacrifices of food to placate.3


Orgesh was the first among the charda that spawned from the black blood in the Land of Black Blood, a vault of Orv, the deepest Darklands region. According to charda mythology, this dangerous substance is the blood of Orgesh's mother, spilled when their god ate his way out of her womb.34


Orgesh no longer lives in the Land of Black Blood, having long ago abandoned its children. Due to this neglect, while the charda remain unpredictable, they are no longer cruel or vengeful. Those who do not worship Orgesh believe that it went to the deepest, darkest trench of the Sightless Sea, to take care of its other children.4


Orgesh is a vaguely humanoid figure with canine legs, a hugely distended belly, and no facial features except an open maw filled with shark teeth. No one alive has seen it for millennia, but its statues are strangely resistant to damage.4


Orgesh's followers view each other as the greatest threat. Some believe that when they eat a fellow worshipper, they can consume their prey's faith as well, and when only one remains, Orgesh will return to use this devotee to unleash a new race upon Orv, one that will relentlessly expand until it consumes everything.4


There are a number of relics of Orgesh in the Land of Black Blood. The Faceless Idol of the Hungering God is considered by the charda to be a depiction of Orgesh. The ancient city of Orgeshta, not far from the idol, also has numerous icons of the god.5


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  1. Metals and Oceans were added in In Search of Sanity replacing Entropy and Fear
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