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Titles Wind-Walker
Realm Northern poles
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Cannibalism
the Wind
Worshipers Cannibal tribes, giants, and wendigos
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E) Air, Chaos, Evil, Weather
Subdomains (1E) Cloud, Ice, Storms, Wind
Favored Weapon Handaxe
Symbol Antlered wooden humanoid effigy

Source: In Search of Sanity, pg(s). 68
Type Monstrous humanoid
(air, chaotic, cold, evil, Great Old One)
CR 28
Environment Any cold

Source: In Search of Sanity, pg(s). 82f.

Ithaqua[1] is the Great Old One of cannibalism, cold, and the wind.[2]


Ithaqua is capable of travelling on icy winds between planets with magnetic poles and arctic circles. He only has any influence at all on the areas north of each world's arctic circle; in the south, he can only stay very briefly and holds no influence. Whether he is able to visit only planets with arctic circles, or whether the arctic circles exist due to Ithaqua's visits in their earliest days, is unclear.[2][3]

In his realm, Ithaqua often leaves behind rampant cannibalism and wendigos after his visits, and often abducts people to walk with him into the skies, and later fall to death or be transformed into a wendigo.[2]


Ithaqua appears as a 50-foot-tall monstrous humanoid with unnaturally long limbs. His webbed feet are always concealed in blasts of thick cold winds, and always leave behind monstrous tracks in the snow. Onlookers rarely remember his shape beyond his two glowing red eyes.[2][3]

Church of Ithaqua

Ithaqua is primarily worshipped by cannibals, giants, and wendigos in arctic regions. Worshippers fearful of starvation or the loss of morality might leave sacrifices to him in the highest boughs of a pine tree. Ithaqua is rarely worshipped south of the arctic circle.[3]


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