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Source: Guns & Gears, pg(s). 210

Tazuni is a wild nation of desperate bandits and steel-eyed police located in western Arcadia.1


Tazuni is a desert that borders Halana to the northwest, the Crownpeaks to the northeast and Lake Tapipallati to the southeast.2 Since the water in Lake Tapipallati is not potable, the few rivers that flow through Tazuni are vital for life.3


Civilisation in Tazuni is concentrated in cities like Altameda, Carama, and New Hayewood, which are surrounded by farms and ranches. Local sheriffs usually appreciate the help of adventurers in hunting dangerous beasts, track down criminals and protect travelling wagons, if they are not themselves corrupt. Criminals who disappear into the desert can simply move on elsewhere, since the law only reaches as far as a shot from a rifle.1


Stagecoaches regularly ferry people, goods, and information between communities in Tazuni.1 Livestock must be kept on the move in order to ensure that they are well fed before being sold. Most large towns are built on rivers, which can be as dangerous as land routes despite appearances.3

Another strong Tazunian tradition is telling tales: visitors are expected to tell of exploits, no matter real or fictional. Nevertheless, storytellers usually need to gamble just to make ends meet, since they are not supposed to earn anything from stories.3


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