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Nation Cheliax formerly
Size Ruins
Population Zombies, dark folk, a telgrodradt

Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 121

Canorus was once[1] a Chelish colony in Arcadia. After an invasion from underground creatures, it is now a ruin swarming with hungry undead.[1][2]


Along with its sister colony of Anchor's End, Canorus provided gold and slaves to the empire, and had little contact with the Ulfen settlement of Valenhall far to the northeast.[2]

However, it was overrun by dark folk and a telgrodradt that invaded the colony, which was situated above their subterranean tunnels. A band of adventurers from outside the colony came to Canorus, fought the swarming zombies infesting it, and investigated the tunnels. However, only one survived, and only long enough to tell of the telgrodradt before herself turning undead.[1]

The few surviving villagers moved south to Canorus's sister colony of Anchor's End.[1]


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