Mildanesi Mountains

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The Mildanesi Mountains are a huge range of mountains that runs from north to south across nearly the entire length of Arcadia. The northernmost parts are known as the Crownpeaks, after the Crowned Regents who once lived there.1


The nation of Xopatl is located in a valley in the middle of the Mildanesi Mountains, where a meteorite that fell alongside the Starstone in -5293 AR landed. A great and flourishing forest, now known as the Jolizpan Forest, sprung up around the meteorite. This fragment of the Starstone was found by the locals from nearby Innazpa and, though less powerful than the Starstone, it still granted mythic power to these explorers, transforming them into hero-gods, known in the local language as yans and yantis, who went on to free the land from the Razatlani Empire and founded the nation of Xopatl.23


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