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Colony in Arcadia
Source: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty, pg(s). 11

Elesomare is a small farming and lumber-producing colony, established in pre-revolutionary times by the then province of Andoran on the far-away shores of Arcadia.1 As it was overwhelmingly settled by commoners looking for a better life abroad, it greeted Andoran's radical change in government with great hope and sympathy. Being separated from the motherland and the many political and economic compromises that a large government necessitates, the citizens of Elesomare are more idealistic than their counterparts in Avistan. In recent years, the colonists have been attempting to decrease the local influence of the authoritarian and sometimes brutal Lumber Consortium. Although the government in Almas does not support this subtle insurrection, they have been noticeably slow in responding to the Consortium's call for help and reinforcements.2

Segada Protocol

Through the Segada Protocol, the Arcadian city of Segada permits Elesomare's existence and grants the colony military protection by the city's forces.3


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