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With the dawning of a new era comes the need for a new seat of power, and what better way to show your coming master your devotion than by sacrificing your entire being for their use? You presented yourself before their altar and they answered your call, flooding your body with their power and granting you the gift of their original form. Or maybe you were abducted in the dark, on a night that the moon refused to shine, when you were taken to a profane location where a mysterious cult bound you to their master against your will. Now you have powers you didn't before and you have new features that scare (and maybe, in a small dark part of your heart, thrill) you.

As word suggests, Living Vessel has other entity in its body.[1]

Possible reason to be Living Vessel

  • Both Vessel and Entity agreed to be in same body
  • Entity borrowing Vessel's body without agreement
    • This way is more frequent for evil entities.
  • Vessel sealed Entity without agreement


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