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The Tickwood is a relatively small, innocuous forested area less than a half-hour ride from the town of Sandpoint on Varisia's Lost Coast. It is located on the northern banks of the Turandarok River, north of the uplands known as the Devil's Platter, and is less than two miles in length. It is separated from the coastal Shank's Wood to its north by the Lost Coast Road. To its west lie the Ravenroost hills, while to its east rise Leb's Tors.1 The Tickwood is a favorite spot for local hunters, as it is thought to be free of the otherwise ubiquitous goblin tribes, and is the home of many deer, wild boars, and even the occasional firepelt cougar.2


A dryad named Akoni claims the heart of the wood as his home. A troop of redcaps has recently moved into the area, but will not set up permanent roots until the dryad gives them permission. The troop's leader, "Grandfather" Grustmier, is sure that they can get this permission, even if they need to resort to violence to do it.3

Giant ticks are the other major danger in the wood. Stories in Sandpoint exaggerate their size, frightening many in the town, and preventing many citizens from casually strolling the forest paths.3


Akoni's Grove: this is where the dryad holds court over the other fey in the area.3


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