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Aliases Jalur Sabaal
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Veiled master
Homeland Manaket, Rahadoum

Source: Beyond the Veiled Past, pg(s). 75

Yuildoroc is a veiled master hiding under the city of Manaket in godless Rahadoum. It poses as Jalur Sabaal, a teacher of binding and summoning outsiders in Manaket's Occularium.[1]


Yuildoroc settled in Manaket, stole the identity of Jalur Sabaal, and infiltrated the Occularium in 4622 AR. It chose to make a lair hidden beneath the Occularium, which was once a clockwork laboratory during the Age of Legend, defeating Iharon, the Azlanti prana ghost who had been residing there since Earthfall. Its studies, which focus on the asuras, expanded its understanding of the Outer Sphere and that sphere's inhabitants.[1]

After the death of Aroden, Yuildoroc began to seek to replicate that event to other deities, especially those that threatened the alghollthus. To that end, it allied with the asura rana Rahu, promising a means to directly strike at the asuras' creators.[1]


To show its good will, Rahu sent the aghasura Shuvahavorath and two dozen tripurasuras to Manaket, who now serve as Yuildoroc's spies. Yuildoroc has also cultivated a cabal of arcanists and wizards, who were promised teaching in the means to ensure Rahadoum's atheism through anti-divine magic. The strongest ones are sent to join Yuildoroc and learn about their teacher's true identity. One of them, Shavana Lajani, is Yuildoroc's chosen and was personally taught glyph magic.[1]

Yuildoroc is currently imprisoning Iharon and seeking to understand Ouclorna, a clockwork leviathan infused with an alghollthu's memories by Iharon. Yuildoroc has learnt that Iharon knows many secrets that no alghollthu should understand, and is tempted to destroy Ouclorna but has not done so yet due to its fascination and hope that Iharon can be further controlled by breaking Ouclorna's will.[1]


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