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The Experiment
Oracle 15 (formerly Oracle 7)1
Source: Tapestry's Trial, pg(s). 20

322 is the Conference Z experiment number and the only known name of its subject, an otherwise unnamed forlorn elven oracle.2 There are few known details of the experiments she has undergone—only that they involve her contacting the Dark Tapestry, including the Lurker of the Woods.1 She is most notable for operating the magical lantern that captured the soul of Pathfinder Society Master of Scrolls Aram Zey during an Aspis Consortium raid on the Grand Lodge in 4715 AR.2


322 is a pale-skinned, dark-haired elf often clothed in a shadowy black hooded cloak and lightweight black armor.3


As a child living in a human community, 322 grew up slowly compared to her human friends, whom she watched grow old and die. She became attracted to the stars under the impression that Desna called out to her, but the darker, dissonant messages led her instead to the Dark Tapestry. As its call grew more vivid and intense, 322 fled from her home and into the shadows, and was found by an blue-clothed figure in a golden owl mask known to her only as the Professor.24

The Professor claimed 322 was chosen by the stars and helped her to control the growing connection with distant forces in the void, but she soon lost all memory of her past life—including her name. She was moved between Conference Z research facilities,5 and the horrific manifestations of her new oracular powers led her to repeatedly flee. 322 returned to the Professor each time, however.2

After participating in a daring Aspis Consortium raid on the Pathfinder Society's Grand Lodge—one in which 322 operated a magical lantern that captured the soul of assassinated Master of Scrolls Aram Zey—322 fled into a wing of the Forae Logos library rather than report back. Pursued by the Society, Conference Z's Bureau of Criers, and the library's Learned Guard into a secret archive within a sealed-off wing of the library, and with Zey's soul still in tow, 322 eventually found refuge in the Dimension of Dreams through the Libram of Forgotten Dreams and the night hag Aslynn. The hag took 322 in as an apprentice in exchange for the lantern.62