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Type Outsider
(augmented, kyton, native)
CR +2
Environment Any

Source: Horror Adventures, pg(s). 240-241

Apostles are kytons who originated from mortals who do not perish under kyton torture but still come to adhere to their teachings.[1]


An apostle kyton can orate a prayer so profane that it causes any non-kyton listening to erupt in bleeding wounds. Those that succumb to its unnerving gaze becomes fascinated by the apostle.[1]

Apostle kytons have a unique perspective due to their transition into a kyton, and can speak of the pleasures and wonders they experienced during their transformation. Those that hear this seductive oration might begin to question the definitions of morality, physicality and life, eventually culminating in a transformation into a broken soul or another apostle kyton.[1]


Apostle kytons were originally creatures that somehow survived being tortured by kytons that were transfigured into hybrids of their past selves and kyton malevolence. Apostles vary from degenerate, submissive, mewling slaves to their kyton torturers, to abhorrent creatures that delight in their transformation and rise high within kyton hierarchy. Creatures that lose themselves completely to the shadowbound corruption also sometimes become apostles.[1]

Apostles often collude together with ostiariuses in cabals, while others assist interlocutors in their ministrations, or aid eremites in their search for perfect parts.[1]