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Interlocutors are the self-proclaimed surgeon-sculptors among the velstracs.[1][2] Considering every bit of flesh as a canvas, interlocutors have replaced most of their own bodies with metal.[1]


The interlocutor's apotheosis from mortal into velstrac involves the shedding of useless parts down to a glistening mass of veins, organs, and flesh.[1] Interlocutors are 9 feet tall and weigh 800 pounds.[1]


Interlocutors can heal the damage they inflict, even to the extent of preserving life in nearly expired subjects. A creature that succumbs to an interlocutor's unnerving gaze feels their innards revolt in disorienting fashion. Like other velstracs, interlocutors can sense significant pain in any creatures it can see. Interlocutors can also shift to the Shadow Plane.[1]

Known interlocutors


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