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(evil, extraplanar, kyton, lawful)
Source: The Twice-Damned Prince, pg(s). 86–87

An ephialtes is a fearsome creature that develops from a lesser velstrac who has taken 999 mortal victims in the Plane of Shadow. Upon transforming into an ephialtes, the velstrac gains the ability to shadow walk to other planes to hunt.1


An ephialtes velstrac resembles a huge four-legged fiend bound in chains with a fanged, leech-like maw at the end of a long, wormy neck.1

Habitat and ecology

Ephialtes are among the leaders of velstrac-kind. Although not particularly intelligent, they are loyal to their kind, and seek to return prey and quarry to the Shadow Plane so that lesser velstracs may hunt and develop into ephialtes. They are eager to serve mortal summoners as well as the lords of Shadow and Hell in any hunt, as long as it involves murder, abduction, or torture, and usually offer to dispose of the remains in the Shadow Plane. Ephialtes have an even more advanced control of chains than their lesser kin, and can breathe forth a mass of barbed, entangling chains.1


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