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(cold, evil, extraplanar, kyton, lawful)
Source: The City Outside of Time, pg(s). 84f.'

Libitinariis are a type of frozen, cold-obsessed velstrac and most are servants of Inkariax.1


A libitinarii resembles a willowy, humanoid clad in draped chains and pierced with sharp, bloody icicles, which they can throw at enemies as an effective weapon. Their skin ranges from powder to navy blue, and their lips, ears, fingers and toes are black due to frostbite. Libitinariis are roughly five feet tall and typically weigh from 90 to 140 pounds.1


Libitinariis first formed when Doloras freed the velstracs from Hell, either spontaneously from the cold reaches of the Shadow Plane, or when a frozen tear fell from her crown and reverberated across the planes to create new servants.1


Libitinariis are created from evil souls that inflicted pain through cold in life. Farsighted, dispassionate, and coldly rational, they seek to perfect their craft by roaming the Shadow Plane. Most serve the velstrac demagogue Inkariax, who considers them his favoured servants, and many live in his realm, called Frozen Tears, where they spend centuries advancing their station and pleasing their master. Some others pay homage to Doloras, who was responsible for freeing the velstracs from Hell. Still others venerate both her and Inkariax: their cults have many points in common, and Inkariax also defers to Doloras.1

Some libitinariis make their home in frozen Cocytus in Hell, while others live in the Material Plane to lead cults of Inkariax or Doloras, or masquerade as artisans and scholars to expand their collection of frozen foes.1


Libitinariis are solitary, predictable creatures, and enjoy torturing near-death victims with their icicles before permanently freezing them. Some integrate religious aspects into their torments, while others collect frozen prizes to glorify their patrons. Their habits are cultivated across decades or centuries, and are followed ritualistically.1

A common practice in Frozen Tears involves a libitinarii driving foot-long icy nails through morally pure victims, then freezing them when they approach death, to preserve them for their collection.1


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