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Whistling Plains

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Technically part of the Taldan empire, the Whistling Plains, or sometimes the Whistling Plain, is a vast grassland beginning on the eastern border of Taldor.

The Whistling Plain stretches from the borders of Galt to the deserts of Qadira and then to the east, deep into the heart of the Padishah Empire of Kelesh.

The plain is criss-crossed with dozens of old trade routes, used by nomadic tribes and merchants from far-flung regions such as Vudra and the Keleshite empire. The land makes travel easy during the warmer seasons, but winter blizzards can make travel dangerous and difficult. [1]

The plains are also home to a myriad of creatures including cockatrice, worgs, locusts and bulettes. Bison are also common in the Taldan portion of the Whistling Plain. Overall, the land is wild and vast, although Taldan Horse stationed in Yanmass patrol some of the land ever watchful for Kelesh aggression.[2]