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Algid Wastes

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The desolate badlands known as the Algid Wastes lie at the northern edge of the Hold of Belkzen, where the land meets the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. The Wastes are even more desolate than the badlands to the south, being higher in elevation and covered nearly year-round by a blanket of snow. The orcs of Belkzen pass through this land in caravans on their way north to poach the megafauna that give the Realm of the Mammoth Lords its name. The orcs also fear the Wastes, as they are home to remorhaz, also known to the orcs as "ghost worms."[1]

Places of interest

Broken Shore
Desolate, haunted ruin of an ancient, Kellid community.[2]
Covenant Rock
The orc caravans traveling the Flood Road stop here to offer sacrifices to the dragons of Raschka-Tor.[1]
Dretha's Cradle
Home of a cruel, fleshwarping alchemist who sells her abominations to the highest bidder.[3]
The Flood Road
This dried-up riverbed provides the easiest access to the Realm of the Mammoth Lords during the dry season; during the rainy season, it becomes a raging river.[4]