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Triumph of the Tusk

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Triumph of the Tusk is the forty-first Pathfinder Adventure Path and is expected to run from October to December 2024. It is a three-part Adventure Path.

For ages, the orcs of Belkzen have been marginalized, subjugated, and vilified, relegated to the rocky northern wastes. Yet in recent battles waged against their undead nemeses, orcs showed the world that they have a common enemy—the evil lich-lord known as the Whispering Tyrant. Now, openminded leaders like Ardax the White-Hair have initiated a grand diplomatic campaign to bury old grudges and forge alliances across the continent. There are few takers. In the Triumph of the Tusk Adventure Path, the PCs are dignitaries representing the few orc communities or foreign organizations who answered Ardax's call. Their mission of peace soon turns violent when supernatural weather disasters, betrayals, undead uprisings, and even deicide turn the orcs’ homeland into a desperate battlefield. With the PCs' help, Belkzen won't just survive, but will earn the respect it has always deserved!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path
The Resurrection Flood.png
The Resurrection Flood Written by Brian Duckwitz Expected October 2024
For level 3. The adventure begins the Triumph of the Tusk Adventure Path, a three-part monthly campaign in which an eclectic band of dignitaries become battle-hardened survivalists fighting for orcs’ homeland and independence. This volume includes an overview of orc culture, an exploration of the Flood Truce tradition, new magical items, and fearsome creatures that wander the wilds!
Hoof, Cinder, and Storm.jpg
Hoof, Cinder, and Storm Written by David Schwartz and Shay Snow Expected November 2024
For level 6. Having bested an orc hold and proven they're no mere dignitaries, the PCs are invited to the mighty orc city of Urgir to quell the raging ancestor storms and protect the invaluable aurochs herds that sustain Belkzen's people. Yet many would exploit the ongoing chaos: orc rebels in the vertical mining city of Blisterwell, Shoanti raiders answering old vendettas, and more. The PCs must repel these attacks, turning foes into friends in Belkzen's ongoing fight for survival.
Destroyer's Doom.jpg
Destroyer's Doom Written by Kendra Leigh Speedling Expected December 2024
For level 9. At last, the orc nation of Belkzen is on the offensive! As their ally Ardax gathers his army, the PCs scout ahead to clear the way and infiltrate Wyvernsting, capital of orc traitors. To sneak into the city, they must liberate the Drowning Sands orcs and borrow boats able to cross a quicksand sea. Once inside Wyvernsting, the PCs must sabotage the defenses, motivate rebellious factions to rise up against their enemies, and finally join Ardax's forces in besieging the city. Yet when the dust clears, the PCs identify the root of the undead uprising that’s ravaged the land: a haunted divinity that dwells high in Belkzen's mountains.

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