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(agathion, extraplanar, good)
Any land (Nirvana)
Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 50

The cervapral, an agathion that looks like a humanoid gazelle, is a defender of freedom and a passionate opponent of tyranny and misuse of power.1


Cervaprals resemble humanoid antelopes with hoofed, unguligrade legs and fully animalistic heads crowned by long, pointed horns. A cervapral's arms and torso are for the most part like a human's, albeit sparsely covered in white and tan fur, and a thick white ruff grows over its neck and upper chest.1

Ecology and behavior

A cervapral's existence is devoted above all other pursuits to defending liberty and freedom. As such, cervaprals are fervently opposed to both tyrannical regimes and the practice of slavery, and willingly aid mortal summoners in rescuing oppressed captives, undermining despotic governments, and fighting against slavers.1

Cervaprals believe that any personal sacrifice is justified in pursuit of a worthy cause, typically liberation or emancipation of slaves or captives, and are willing to subject themselves to significant amounts of personal discomfort to achieve their goals. They also reject the idea that one's goals justify the means used to achieve them, and refuse to take actions they deem evil for the sake of upholding a good cause.1

Despite their opposition to tyranny, cervaprals do not object to hereditary monarchy and nobility in their own right. However, they hold these systems to extremely high standards, expecting the rights and well-being of the ruled to be defended at least as strongly as those of the rulers.1