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(agathion, aquatic, extraplanar, good)
Any land or water (Nirvana)
Source: The Lost Outpost, pg(s). 80

Chelonidals are a race of turtle-like agathions who serve as Nirvana's line infantry.1


Chelonidals resemble a cross between a turtle and humanoid. Their hands resemble turtle flippers more than humanoid hands, but are still capable of fine manipulation. Their bright eyes can see past invisibility, their mouths have a powerful bite force, and their back is protected by a shell that also disperses magical attacks and gunshots. Their gravel voices generally resemble that of a grizzled veteran. A typical chelonidal is six feet tall and weighs 400 pounds.1


Chelonidals form from the souls of those who willingly gave their lives to defend a person or place, or who protected the sea from terrestrial threats. They guard Nirvana, and like other outsiders, chelonidals have no need to eat or sleep, and can vigilantly maintain their post for centuries. As their appearance suggests, they are also at home in the water.1

Due to their tendency to protect locations for long periods, chelonidals in the Universe occasionally fall in love with mortals and produce empyrean (instead of half-celestial) children. The chelonidal parent remains until its offspring come of age, departing only in great need.1


Chelonidals willingly serve stronger agathions, notably the empyreal lords Dalenydra and Ylimancha. Sometimes, if a chelonidal can find a replacement for its post, it feels an urge to wander for some time before settling down. Some chelonidals find their way to the Universe, where they find a secluded, vulnerable location and defend it while finding or training more protectors.1

Chelonidals often get along well with dwarves, who share their resolve and traditional military tactics. The dwarven god Trudd has arrangements with several chelonidal legions and occasionally dispatches them when requested. Chelonidals are cantankerous in a good-natured way and are fond of war stories.1

A single chelonidal can bolster a mortal legion, while in groups they form a phalanx. When the agathions march to war, chelonidals form the core of their armies, led by cervinals and supported by avorals.1


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