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(agathion, extraplanar, good)
Any underground (Nirvana)
Source: Assault on Longshadow, pg(s). 80

Muldnals are a race of mole-like agathions who guard the underground passages of Nirvana.1


Muldnals stand about three feet tall. Their muscular bodies are covered in dark fur, and they have a pink nose, whiskers, small black eyes, and wide, dirt-encrusted, clawed hands. They usually wear filthy smocks of undyed linen.1


Muldnals are formed from the souls of miners and farmers who found peace in their craft, and their skills and talents found their home in Nirvana. They endlessly correct unduly lawful or chaotic influences, rearrange caverns to be safer or more beautiful, enrich the soil, and decompose fallen leaves in forests to promote Nirvana's health.1

Muldnals are repelled by the smell and sight of blood, and prefer to avoid fighting. They nonetheless can defend themselves with a paralytic bite and attunement to the earth, and a team of muldnals can collapse tunnels or pen in foes to summon more agathions. When a muldnal is killed, it collapses into a pile of dirt and vermin.1


Muldnals appoint themselves as Nirvana's gardeners and caretakers, and make excellent guides if they can be found. They lead solitary lives: when they journey to the Material Plane, they prefer the company of fey or kami while tending to magical sites associated with agriculture and nature.

Many muldnals never see another of their kind; when they do, it is a cause for celebration and perhaps an extraordinary engineering project. In some locations where the veil between Nirvana and the Material Plane is thin, muldnals have built numerous legendary caves that mortals seek as places to experience enlightenment, like the Cave of a Thousand Stars in Vudra and the Emerald Veldt in Molthune. Recently, more muldnals claim to hear the call of Nirvana's earth to an unknown place. It is possible that muldnals might be claiming a home of their own in Nirvana: a massive mountain called the Mouldywarp.1

Muldnals are represented by no empyreal lord, feel beholden to no particular deity, and assist the followers of Erastil, Torag, Benorus, Halcamora, and so on.1

Experienced muldnals are expected to teach younger muldnals everything they know, and pass their knowledge along verbally as they travel and work together. A lone muldnal also shares their knowledge by making earthen works of wonder.1

Elder muldnals

Muldnals who live eons in the caverns of Nirvana may grow in both size and prowess. These elder muldnals often lead small enclaves of other muldnals and command tremendous respect among them.1


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