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A statue of Talmandor, patron avoral of Andoran.

(agathion, extraplanar, good)
Any (Nirvana)
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 16

Avoral (pronounced ah-VOR-al)1 are a race of avian agathions who make their home on the plane of Nirvana.2


Avorals are humanoid in form but their arms feature great wings that spread beyond where a normal humans arm would end. They still possess human hands and are able to manipulate object like a normal person without difficulty. An avorals head does not have hair but instead features a mane of feathers that flows down into their wings. Their facial features also noticeably avian with beak like noses and the eyes of a predatory bird.3

Habitat & Ecology

Avorals, like all agathions, dwell on the plane of Nirvana in the Great Beyond. Here they soar amongst the highest peaks of Nirvana challenging each other to diving contests. When summoned to other planes or during times of war, avorals serve the agathions as scouts, a role they are perfectly suited for. Not only can avorals fly, but they also possess incredible, hawk-like eyesight that can see many miles, they are also very stealthy when they need to be and posses a magical ability to speak with animals, using this to gather information during war. When all else fails they also have the ability to teleport to get themselves out of trouble. During wartime avorals don't just scout but will also launch deadly hit and run attacks against their enemies, shredding them with their razor-sharp talons.3

On Golarion

Avorals are seen as a living embodiment of freedom by the people of Andoran. These creatures are held in high regard within the nation; a story commonly told by the nation's inhabitants, The River Bird Catcher, describes the meeting of one of these outsiders and Duke Lapist, leader of a Chelish encampment.4 The avoral Talmandor is the celestial patron of Andoran, and popular history suggests Talmandor dictated the text of the seminal tract On Government to Darl Jubannich.5

Known Avorals

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Some of the most famous avorals include:

  • Nightspear, a divine servant of the goddess Desna known for his jet black wings and his habit of making up beautiful songs mid-battle.6
  • Talmandor, the celestial patron of the nation of Andoran, he has had a huge impact on their culture in the wake of the People's Revolt.5


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