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(agathion, extraplanar, good)
Any underground (Nirvana)
Source: Hell Comes to Westcrown, pg(s). 84

Mustelidals are a race of tenacious badger-like agathions who protect the burrowing creatures of the world.1


Mustelidals look like muscular black humanoid badgers with a white stripe running from the crowns of their heads down their backs. The condition of a mustelidal's fur often indicates how long it has been idle: the filthy ones have not been in a fight for a long time. They often wear deep, rich brown, loose clothing accented with warm colours. An average mustelidal stands five and a half feet tall and weighs 180 pounds.1


Mustelidals are transformed from the souls of those who kept fighting out of sheer perseverance and determination, especially those who have been resurrected multiple times to prolong their fight. Newly created mustelidals are eager to come back to the Material Plane to fight evil and protect underground creatures from threats like purple worms or neothelids. Although they never need to eat, mustelidals enjoy the taste of honey.1

Mustelidals frequently pick fights with foes too strong for them, relying on their courage alone. They can also summon earth elementals, but only to distract foes or when they need to escape. After each fight, mustelidals either burrow into the earth or turn themselves into stone to heal themselves and remove poisons. If the mustelidals lost the previous fight, they use their skills to track down the surviving foes to attempt to finish the job.1


Because of mustelidals' unwillingness to back down from a fight, other celestials or important mortals, especially those on vital missions, tend to use them as bodyguards, though they have to be convinced that they will face a fair challenge, since mustelidals never want to waste their efforts against weak enemies. Mustelidals consider their bodyguard duty sacrosanct and never abandon their charges when things get dangerous, no matter the reason. Particularly zealous mustelidals check in on their former charges from time to time and persuasively offer their service again, years after their original agreement ended, and those who constantly get in danger might employ the same mustelidal more than a dozen times.1

Mustelidals reside in dark underground dens, and tend to react violently to intruders. Outside their dens, however, mustelidals are quite friendly, if a bit intense. They tend to speak in brief sentences and their rare laughs are short, staccato bursts.1

Mustelidals are especially close to gnomes, either because both can speak to animals or mustelidals appreciate how gnomes stave off the seemingly inevitable Bleaching. A mustelidal sometimes forms a strong attachment with a particular gnome, rescuing him from fatal situations.1


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